Fieldtrip to Lake Moeris, Al Fayyum, December 1907

Teilhard spent a few years in Egypt teaching in the Jesuit school in Cairo. He went on a trip to Lake Moeris – as it was called. and writes the following about the lake:

“A sheet of steel-blue, almost gray, water, that the yellow cliffs of the desert suddenly confront. In the shallows, fisherman push their flat boats; they beat the water with great blows of their poles, to drive into their nets a species of carp … On our side the bottom drops imperciptibly, and for almost an hour we go forward slowly in the channel amid dwarf tamarisks, where we start heron and snipe, and stir to sibilant wakefulness the irridescent bee-eaters. At last we meet a band of tall reeds, and, once free from their thick clumps, slip into the open waters. Coots and ducks covering the lake in dense flocks, start from and suddenly dive back into the grasses … When we turn around to go back, it is already growing late. In the distance the pelicans, standing in a row to fish, look like a white line traced on the surface of the lake. The sun disappears and we glide on opalescent waters ringed by deep violet mountains.”

Egypt gave him an insight into a different world. I wonder if he visite this archaeological site north of Lake Moeris:


Or this strange formation known as cannonballs:

If you look at the flash widget box, you will find the kmz link to google earth.

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