Quelle belle forêt…

Quelle belle forêt...

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New database added

Hi all,

Several weeks ago my computer went into meltdown and I lost my database with my google places. I have managed to recover the google places folder and I have started a new database with 20 entries. It has been uploaded to the flash widget.

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Peking, 1923

On 7 June 1923 Teilhard addressed the Geologcal Society in Peking on the collections of Licent, a fellow Jesuit in China who had been collecting fossils for some time and who worked with Teilhard.

Identifying locations in China is quite difficult. According to a page on the website of the China Association for Science and Technology the Geological Society had been started in 1922 and there is a Bulletion of Proceedings available from this time.

The Geological Society of China webpage is in chinese but you can translate it through babelfish. I have created a placemark in Google Earth for ther address. Unfortunately I do not know if it was this building that Teilhard would have visited in 1923.

In 1923 he also made contacts with the Geological Survey of China. I have added a placemark for this location as well.

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Institut Catholique de Paris 1920-23

In 1920 Teilhard is Charge de cours in palaeontology and geology at Institut Catholique de Paris. In 1922 after he completed his Ph. D he becomes Assistant Professor.

Although the number of students studying science was relatively few one student remembers the following:

“I was a student, in 1921 and 1922, of Father Teilhard de Chardin’s. I still have a clear memory of his astonishingly lively and lucid teaching, which he made even more lively by proposing ideas which puzzled us and this kept our curiosity awake.

… with a teacher like Teilhard everything became clear and his fervour so enkindled our own that it happened sometimes that a class that started at five in the afternoon would end at eight or nine. During that time he would have given us a unified view of the whole of the Carboniferous period without our feeling at any moment we were getting out of our depth. In another way, the impression on the mind and heart, I feel that few of his students failed to be affected.”

The ‘box.net’ widget at the side has the location of this place and the most uptodate file of the complete project.

Here is a picture of the front of the Institut Catholique de Paris:

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Stop the press!

I have added the box.net ‘widget’ to the side panel of my blog.

If you go to the ‘box.com’ side box you will see 2 files. These are KMZ files and when you open them in Google Earth the placemarks will appear that I make reference to in this blog.

One called ‘Grottoes of Count Max Begouen’ is the most current entry. ‘Teilhard’ is the complete list of all 64 places – my complete work.

At last I have worked out how to link to Google Earth!

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1922, Grottoes of Count Max Bégouën

In 1922 Teilhard went to visit the Grottoes of Count Max Bégouën, now known as the Cave of the Trois-Frères, the caves were discovered in the Pyrenees by the three sons of Count Max Bégouën and he named the caves after them. Further detail about the caves is available here.

It is located in the Montesquieu-Avantès area. Located here. I can’t find an exact location for these caves but they sound fascinating.

On 31/7/1922 Teilhard was in La fléchière, Thonon, Haute Savoy. I can’t identify an exact location for this field trip other than the town of Thonon-Les-Bains, Haute Savoie.

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Fieldtrip to Niaux, 6th September 1921

He went on a fieldtrip to Niaux with Abbe Breuil and Dorothy Garrod, a student from Oxford. Ms Garrod is described as a recent convert to Roman Catholicism and much given to ‘scruples and inquietude’. I can only assume this was an interesting trip(!) He later sent Ms Garrod a copy of Le milieu divin.

There are caves in Niaux with prehistoric cave paintings similar to Lascaux. I suspect this is where Teilhard was travelling to. I have found the following images from Niaux. The following is a copy of a painting of bison in the “Salon Noir” of the Cave of Niaux:

The following is a drawing of a bison from Niaux, drawn in the clay with a finger:

The location of the Caves is Niaux is listed as here, on google maps although I suspect this is is the commercial entrance and the real entrance is somewhere along the road into what looks like a wooded mountain.

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